Current research

The Chair – ‘The Church in the Context of Islam’ Foundation aims at the development of a Christian theology in the context of Islam. The Chair’s main question is how the Christian community can relate to a multireligious society, specifically to Islam. The current research project of the Chair is the project Inclusion versus exclusion: searching for Biblical Inspiration. Every society or religious community knows mechanisms of in- and exclusion; this is inherent to the existence of these communities. The Church is no exception to this. What is more, the tension between in- and exclusion is even present in the core-texts of the Christian tradition: the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

The main question of this current research project is what the tension between in- and exclusion means for the presence of the Church in the context of the Islam. Is it possible to have a Church dedicated to the pursuit of an inclusive society, while simultaneously professing faith to one God, the Father and one Lord, Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit? How can a Christian community contribute to a peaceful society in a context of often radically opposing worldviews, especially in relation to Islam, without giving up their own identity?

The research question can be formulated as follows: How do exclusive aspects of the Christian faith relate to the inclusive aspects, and what does this mean for the position and calling of the Church in the context of Islam?

The extensive research plan (in English) offers insight into the background and methodology of the research. The research plan is available for download here:

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