Board, participants, and funds


Parties that have attached themselves to the Academic Chair Foundation are:


Representatives from the following parties are members of the Foundation’s board: Drs. J.C. Wessels, chairman (director Faith2share), Mr. Drs. A.J. Lock, secretary on behalf of EO, Ir. M. van den Boogaart, treasurer on behalf of GZB, Dr. G. Noort, on behalf of MN, F. Veerman, on behalf of ODNL

  • Members of the board do not receive financial compensation for their tasks and activities.
  • The executive tasks are delegated by the board to: Esther Bergman. The board can only be reached in writing to the address on the contact page.
  • Associate partners (guest): Faith2share Faith2Share (UK) Nederlandse Zendingsraad


The following organisations grant financial support to the Acadamic Chair Foundation: – Fonds Meijers van Meer – De Pagter Fonds – Stichting G.J. Brinkfonds Stichting Filadelfia – As well as several other organisations that wish to remain anonymous.

Several organisations that have contributed to the Chair in the past:

  • Fonds Pro Libertate et Religione
  • Maatschappij van Welstand
  • St. Opwekking
  • Dr. Hofstee Stichting
  • Stichting Rotterdam