The current research of the Chair The Church in the Context of Islam Foundation led to the publication of a book. With gratitude we present ‘Religiously Exclusive, Socially Inclusive? – A Religious Response’.

In main question of this book is the question what the tension between inclusion and exclusion means for the presence of the Church in the context of Islam. The book focuses on biblical texts concerning exclusivity and apostasy, studying different interpretations of such texts. Part of the exploration is the input of Jewish and Islamic voices, as well as a reflection on cases where exclusivity and apostasy become visible. The collection ends with a systematic and missiological reflection on the issues Christian churches and other religious communites must address today.

Do you want to read this book?

On the 5th of October the book will be presented during a symposium at the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (further information will follow). It is the hope of the Chair that this book will contribute to reflection on the question how the Christian community can relate to a multireligious society, and to Islam in particular.